32 similar s between your child and your cat

Some people say cats are their kids, and I’ve written in the past about the similarity between the two. We thought it would be fun to look at the things we say to our cats that also apply to human kids (or would if we had them).

I must admit we did a bit of crowd sourcing and got some of these suggestions from our Facebook Page. Enjoy!

1. Aunt Deb is visiting and bringing you snacks/treats/a surprise.

2. Who’s the cutest in the world?

3. Who made this mess?
WHO made this mess?

4. Why are you whining? I have cuddled you, fed you, entertained you, brushed you. You have nothing to complain about.

5. Who loves Mommy?

6. Leave your sister alone.

6. Don’t whack/bite/hit your brother.

Siblings Fighting

7. Where did you get that?

8. What’s that noise?

9. No I don’t want to see your bottom!

10. Go back to sleep, it’s too early.

cats and kids waking parents

11. Don’t eat that!

12. I’m not running a restaurant here.

13. Whose poop is this?

14. Get down from there!

Get down from there!

15. Don’t play with that!

16. Get off the countertop!

17. They look so peaceful when they sleep.

They look like Angels when they sleep!

18. Get off of me.

19. I love you.

20. You’re so cute.

21. Finish your dinner or you’ll be hungry later!

Kids and Cats that won't clean their plates

22. What do you want for dinner? Chicken or fish?

23. Stop whining!

24. Get out of the cupboard!

Kids and Cats in the Cupboards

25. Come to Mommy

26. Bedtime!

27. What’s in your mouth? WHAT IS IN YOUR MOUTH? Spit it out!

What are you eating?!

28. Go to sleep

29.  No, it’s not time to eat yet.

30. Stop it!


31. No you can’t have that. Because I say so. Because I’m your Mother.

32: Okay, you can have one, but JUST one. I don’t want to ruin your appetite before dinner..Fine, have two…”