How cats can help you to makeup

Today’s post is written by my friend and beauty blogger Nuy Cho of who’s been featured in  Clinique and Sephora campaigns and lent her expertise to, and, among others! Never having lived with a cat before, this post recounts her experience sharing her home with a feline roommate by the name of Gummy (aka Gummy Bear). Enjoy! 

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear


Why am I writing about cats, you ask? Well, I recently had the entertaining experience of having a feline roommate who came with the apartment (and human roommate) where I was living. This kitty kat, Miss Gummy , made herself very comfortable in my work space, on me, on my possessions and my laptop as I worked from home.

After awhile I realized that she must be telling me she wanted a job: Miss Gummy wanted to be my beauty assistant. The thing was, I had no real choice but to hire her (and I couldn’t fire her either). As it turned out, she was hilariously awful at her job.

Nuy Cho

Nuy with Gummy Bear


 Top ten reasons cats make horrible beauty assistants:

  1. While test-driving eyeshadow, Miss Gummy would step her paws in the palettes, mixing up all colors with her paws. No, “mud” was not the color I was going for Gummy Bear.

Broken Eyeshadow


2.  Miss G genuinely tried to be helpful by “shredding” beauty packaging – so earth conscious –but needless to say, it just turned into one big mess that I of course had to clean up.

3. Filing press releases became virtually impossible as my lazy feline friend sat in every pile of paper I Perhaps she thought she was helping by playing the role of a large fluffy paperweight?

cat on paper

4. When Miss G was feeling frisky, she’d leap from desk to tables and knock over all my beauty products. Say goodbye to any sense of beauty organization and to a few brand new compacts – argh.

5. It’s really hard to apply a precision cat-eye when a purring cat is kneading her paws (and claws) into your bare arms.

6. Beauty selfies were constantly kitty-bombed by as Miss G thought she should be the star of every shot.


7. Gummy clearly believed all make-up was enhanced by the addition of cat hair. I can’t tell you the amount her fur I still find in all my makeup storage — and this only after a few short weeks!

8. One day, Miss G got was so pissed at me for not letting her sit in my lap and shadow me while I wrote, that she knocked my laptop onto the Unacceptable assistant behavior.

Cat sitting on computer screen

9. Miss G thought that her cat tail was a better brush than all of my high-end Japanese makeup brushes so I was constantly being swatted and tickled. Okay, I secretly liked that part (shhhh, don’t let her hear!).

10. And really, what kind of beauty assistant falls asleep on the job? Every 15 minutes.

Sleeping cat


Born and raised on Oahu, Nuy Cho moved to NYC and worked for Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, eventually moving to magazines, where she wrote and reported on beauty and fashion, having the most fun at People and InStyle  Her mission is to inform busy mothers on how there are always shortcuts to looking good. Follow her on Instagram @nuybeauty.