I’ve written in the past about how my cat Haddie became my third unplanned cat because she made a unilateral decision not to leave my home (check out the post HOW HADDIE CAME TO STAY – AKA THE SQUATTER, for the complete story). I was recounting this tale to a friend the other day when she said,“You know, we should do that with men.

When I asked her what she meant, she replied, “Well, when they try and break up with you, you just don’t leave.

While it sounds crazy at first blush. It worked for Haddie, who’s to say it wouldn’t work for a human? It’s certainly a departure from anything you’ll read in an existing book about salvaging your relationship.

Just stay put. Or maybe find a good hiding spot. He tries to get you out and you hide under the bed at the furthest corner. Or in the back of the closet. If he tries to chase you out, just run around in circles until he gets tired and passes out on the sofa with a beer and whatever sports game happens to be on TV.

Now I’m no relationship expert, but I’m betting that – as with Haddie – the effort of coaxing you out of your hiding spot, or “trapping” you (tricking you to the door in this instance), will become too laborious making the status quo seem more desirable. Victory will be yours.

Granted, depending on the type of person you are dealing with, things could become litigious – something I couldn’t really do with a cat. But why not first try to see if wearing him down works. I for one, can’t imagine my life without Haddie, and he may begin to feel the same about you.

Are there other ways you think we can learn about human relationships from our cats? Do tell!