why it is easy to own a cat thean having ababy

1. Cats can be left unattended for the night.

2. Cats don’t require a variety of ever-changing educational toys. A ball of aluminum foil or a milk ring will do quite well.

milk rings and cats

3. Cats won’t ruin your body and breastfeeding is never in the equation.

4. Cats don’t bring home creepy dates, and you don’t have to worry unnecessary pregnancies.

creepy boyfriend

5. Cats can’t ruin romantic moments by crying or walking in on you (but they may watch).

6. You don’t have to worry about your cat being unattractive.

7. With Cats you don’t have to abstain from alcohol for nine months (assuming your female).

Large Wine Glass

8. You don’t have to worry about what circles your cats running around in (assuming they’re indoor cats!).

9. Cats don’t throw temper tantrums in public places.

10. Cats don’t go to college ($$$).

college education

11. You don’t have to worry about what and with whom your cat is texting or instant messaging.

12. You don’t have to change your cat’s diapers or potty train them.  Just show them the litter box once and your done.

13. With cats, you don’t have to worry about the babysitter bringing his or her significant over to hook up, throwing a party or eating you out of house and home.

14. Cats don’t get allowance.


15. Cats won’t use your credit card or steal money from your wallet.

16. You don’t have to worry about your cat failing out of High School.

17. Cats don’t expect Christmas presents. If you want to give them one you can always recycle.  They’ll never know the difference.

christmas kitten

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